Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lucky Baby

Some of our best friends recently had a baby, and I am so excited it was on St. Patrick's day!  The beautiful Everly entered the world at about 8 PM on the 17th so I couldn't wait to get started on her welcome home gift.

Thankfully, Dollar Tree had a ton of cute stuff with pink for Easter so I was able to fill up a cute basket with all sorts of stuff!  I gave myself a limit of $10 and this is what I came up with:
Bunny and Teddy Bear $1 each.  Box of animal crackers $1.  Chips ahoy $1.  Granola bars (from my pantry)

Baby lotion $1.  Baby shower candle $1.  Hand cream $1.  Wash cloths pack $1.
Pink Baby Ribbon $1
I already had some clear cellophane, and I spent $1 to store all the goodies.  I designed and printed out a pink four leaf clover and made it into a card.  I also had some leftover stickers and accessories from a baby shower a couple years ago, so that added a little bling.  Final project was a success!  $10 for all items.

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