Friday, February 20, 2015

Greek Goddess Statue - Adding Some Class to My Decor

Our house has an elevated ceiling in the living room, and for a long time I debated on what to do in the two "nooks" that sit on the second level.  I knew I wanted to put some sort of statue up on the taller side, but I could never find one that looked quite right.  The other day, I walked into Trees n' Trends and saw a beautiful nude woman statue (in store or similar here).  Finally, I'd found the perfect muse for my nook!  I typically don't shop in that store because I find a lot of their items are overpriced, however, at $123.99 I had to take her home.

My poor husband had a hard time getting her up there (she probably weighs at least 70 lbs) but we finally got her set up and she looks gorgeous!  Next step: painting the back wall of those nooks burgundy to really make her pop!  In the meantime though, isn't she a beaut?!?!?

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