Wednesday, February 11, 2015

DIY Blinds Project

We officially closed on our house May of 2012, and since that time we have had no blinds except the ugly $5 paper ones from Home Depot.  I finally realized how unacceptable this was and decided to take it upon myself to do something about this.

We had a local blinds guy come out and give us a quote, but just to do the upstairs blinds it would have been more than $700 just to do the upstairs in a faux wood blind - ouch!  Then my coworker mentioned she was having some blinds shipped to the office, and she'd ordered from Blindster.  After much coaxing with my husband, he finally agreed that was a potentially better option and we ordered 1 blind.

Honestly, I was a little skeptical too since I'd heard from others blinds were difficult to install, but about a week after the order our "blind" arrived.  It came with a simple instruction manual, basically involving screwing in two side brackets where the blinds could slide and snap in. The only issue I ran into was the screws they provided were 1.5" and they kept hitting the metal siding on the window when I tried to continue to drill them.  I finally switched to 1" screws and that did the trick!  The last step was snapping in the blinds and attaching the valance which just snapped in with a couple of hooks.  The whole process literally took me about 30 minutes - and the next ones were much quicker since I already knew the drill.

All in all, we went with the deluxe faux wood upstairs and real wood down and spent $515 for 12 windows - some oversized!  Blindster customer service was awesome - they credited me back 15% when they put the blinds on sale even though I didn't buy them on that day.  Nearly 3 years in, and we finally have blinds.  I am a happy camper!  Next step: wood shutters, but that's for another day and another post =).

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