Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Since we just did blinds, I've been dying to add window treatments to our downstairs master (along with about 100 other things).  I knew I wanted something dark, but I couldn't quite decide on doing a burgundy or an eggplant.  I searched around and finally scored with some clearance curtain scarves at Bed Bath & Beyond for $5 each.  They were 216" each so I realized with 9' ceilings I could cut one scarf in half for two curtain panels, and then use two more to drape over.  3 curtains x 2 windows = $30.  Plus I had 2 $5 off $15 coupons for BBB so I got them for $20!

Couple of notes if you decide to do this yourself:
1) The scarves were tapered on the ends, so when the curtains are closed the inside is tapered and thus a bit shorter than the outside.  Once I add in my beaded trim I think it will look fine but it took me a while to get used to this.

2) These curtains were a little stiff so they worked much better once I put them in the washing machine.  I did a delicates cycle just in case and then tumble dried low.  It made them much more pliable and easier to maneuver when hanging.

3) If you decide to do a drape like this you'll need a double rod curtain.  I also got these at Bed Bath & Beyond - 2 for $24 each with my 20% off coupon.  I ended up swapping out the finials and got two sets of two (in store) for $30 with coupons.  

Otherwise, this was a simple project on the sewing machine - just needed to cut two of the scarves in half then add a pocket at the top to slide on the curtain rod.  Took about 15 minutes for all 4!  Total project cost = less than $100!

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