Monday, January 5, 2015

Must Have Wardrobe Items on Wardrobe Remix Monday

I always see articles touting the items you MUST have in your closet.  I typically have most of the basics (white button down, trench, black pants), but I have found there's others I wear constantly that don't show up on these lists.  Here, I'm sharing my items I think every gal should have in her closet (and they've probably shown up before in WRM).  

First up: clothes.  Tops, bottoms and outerwear.  This is an area I would not recommend splurging on. I buy my clothes at TJ Maxx, Forever21, etc. because most of the time, items go out of style so quickly it's not worth paying several hundred dollars.  However if it's something you love and you know you'll wear forever, go for it!
1. Leggings $17.95 (pay a little extra if you wear these a lot - like me)  2. Pants $39.98 (I usually see black recommended but I think red is so much more fun)  3. Boyfriend Jeans $29.99  4. Dark Wash Skinny Jeans $39.95  7. Leather Pants $34.95  (Oxblood is a good option too) 6. White Skinny Jeans $17.89  7. Sequin Skirt $27  8. Colored Pencil Skirt $9.99 (doesn't have to be pink, I just find this more interesting than basic black)  9. Cream Flounce Skirt $38.19 (goes with everything and all seasons)  10. Colored Maxi Skirt (not necessarily blue; I have a purple one I love) $36.47

1. FAUX Fur Vest $42.42 (Fake in capitals because I will never condone real fur.  Cruelty free always)  2. Camel Leather Jacket $48.35 (Everyone does black so I suggest branching out a little)  3. Floral Blouse $9.99 (I have the same one in a gorgeous purple so check stores!)  4. Jewel Tone Blouse $29.90 (color not required but it does look great on all skin tones)  5. Denim Jacket $30.96  6. Peplum top $23.81 (definitely have something peplum, it's so flattering)  7. Leopard Blouse $16.70  8. Polka Dot Sweater $59.50 (ya just have to have something polka dot - I have a skirt and capris too)  9. Cream Cable Knit Sweater $12  10. Utility Vest $39.99  11. Grey Tee $35.80  12. Plaid Shirt $39.95  13. Chambray Shirt $34.50 (I have this in 3 different blues.  It's worth it)  14. Black White Stripe Tee $15  15. White Printed Tee $34.99

1. Black Peacoat $32.57 (keep it lighter material for more seasons to wear)  2. Bright Winter Coat $42.22 (I chose red here but I have a royal blue one I love also)  3. Classic Trench $39.99  4. Parka $23.87 (versatile for outdoors play and runs to the grocery)
And now for the fun part!  While I typically won't spend more than $50 on a clothing item, especially if it's trendy, shoes are where I will spend the extra money, especially for comfort.  Below are luxe and economical options in each shoe staple (lust vs. must), but I promise the lust is worth it!
1. Black Pointed Pumps Lust $695 vs. Must $34.99  2. Nude Patent Pumps Lust  $775 vs. Must $52.49  3. Dress Sandal Pumps Lust $925 vs. Must $39.99  4. Nice Flip Flops Lust $195 vs. Must $29.95  5. Black Suede Over the Knee Boots Lust $665 vs. Must $44.90  6. Brown Riding Boots Lust $2,200 vs. Must $45.50  7. Black Leather  Booties Lust $332.50 vs. Must $34.90  8. Leopard Flats (so fun and less boring than plain old black) Lust $448 vs. Must $49  9.  Beige Low Heel Booties Lust $278 vs. Must $49.99 10. White Espadrille Wedges Lust $231 vs. Must $46  11. Running Shoes in a Fun Color (to help motivate your New Year workout resolution) Lust $79.99 vs. Must $49.97

I know shoes are supposed to be every girl's dream, and while I do have (and covet) some of the designer shoes above, I have to admit bags are my weakness.  No matter what you're wearing, if you pull in a designer bag it immediately makes you look more polished and lavish.  I've also found I purchase cheap bags over and over because they don't last.  In the end I probably could have invested the same for designer quality and durability.  With that said, here's my picks for must have bags in your wardrobe.
1. White Quilted Chain Strap Bag Lust $4,300 (admittedly I have a Chinatown fake but want the real soooo bad) vs. Must  $24.90  2. Black Shopper Lust $2,245 vs. Must $49.99  3. Fun Clutch (I love pink so I chose this but animal prints are great too) Lust $1,395 vs. Must $32.22 4. Handbag Lust $970 (There just isn't anything like the LV Speedy so I put the real one here as the only option.  I saved 3 birthdays and Christmases of gift cards to buy this but it's the same style Audrey Hepburn carried - can you say timeless!?) 5. Black Clutch Lust $350 vs. Must $39.90 (This TB was my first but I wear it all the time, again purchased with a GC)  6. Nude Tote Lust $209 (I have this one from the Outlet and use it as a diaper bag) vs. Must $27.90  7. "Graupe" crossbody (A cross between gray and taupe, this will go with everything.  I didn't realize how essential hands-free was until I had a baby) Lust $295 vs. Must $20.99

Last but not least, add the finishing touches!  These are areas you can splurge or save and I mix it up quite a bit.  Here's some must-have options for jewelry and accessories to finish off a great and versatile wardrobe.
1. Statement Jeweled Necklace Lust $250 vs. Must $27.60  2. Diamond Earrings Lust $33,250 vs. Must $12  3. Gold Chain Bracelet Lust $125 vs. Must $34.95  4. Cocktail Ring Lust $1,750 vs. Must  $29.99 // 5. Bauble Necklace Must $39.99 (no lust options so just a must)  6. Chandelier Earrings Lust $1,175 vs. Must $13 (Love Charming Charlie's statement jewelry; wore it for my wedding and it looked so expensive!)  7. Pearl Studs Lust $1,459 vs. Must $8  8. Boyfriend Watch Lust $249.37 (I have this one and I'm obsessed) vs. Must $22.50

1. Colored Paschmina $18  2. Fedora $11  3. Leather Elbow Gloves $50  4. Floppy Hat $15.99  5. Silk Scarf $48.50 (make sure it's long enough to double as a head wrap)  6. Oversize Black Sunglasses Lust $229.89 (Obsessed with mine from Nordstrom; when the CC fell off they gave me a brand new pair) vs. Must $49.99 7. Signature Fragrance  $42.46 (Daisy is mine but I also love Prada Candy)

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