Monday, January 12, 2015

Affordable Workout Outfits on Wardrobe Remix Monday

I have a hard enough time getting myself to work out, so figuring out what to wear just puts in an additional wrench in my plan I do not need!  I decided there had to be a better way so I came up with some outfits that mix and match so I'll never have the excuse "I have nothing to wear" to keep me from working out.  As usual, only the shoes are over $50, and I tried to show some variety in the same pieces to reap the most out of the investment.

For some more tips on how to get fit on a budget, check out this article by Lauren Conrad.  Happy Monday and Happy Shopping y'all!
Clockwise from top left:
Bra $12.46 // Top $8.98 // Shoes $12.48 (click here for conversion table - sorry they only go up to W8, but keep in mind since kids shoes are so much less!)
Pants $17.48 (wear with the left or right)
Top $36.99 // Bra $7.90 // Hat $35
Shoes $52.99 (wear with the top or bottom)
Tank $9.96 // Headband $8.90
Bra $46 // Leggings $21.80 (wear with the left or right)
Tank $4 // Laces $4.99 // Shoes $89.99
Hoodie $34 (wear with the top or bottom)

Clockwise from top left:
Jacket $25 // Shoes $59.95
Leggings $49.99 (wear with left or right)
Bra $46 // Tank $39.50 // Shoes $52.99
Tank $4 // Bra $39.95 // Shoes $49.95
Pants $7.96 (wear with left or right)
Tee $34.25 // Bra $12.96 // Shoes $12.48

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