Sunday, December 28, 2014

Easy Chili Dinner with Friends

Today's just a short post since I've been bogged down with the holidays but I thought I'd share this super easy affordable dinner idea!  Some of our good friends and neighbors invited us over for dinner this weekend.  I was a little stressed on getting something together in time but then she told me she was thinking a chili nite.  How great and easy is that?  In the end, they made the chili and I offered to bring cornbread and brownies.  Wanting to keep it festive this is what I came up with for the bread:

Fun, festive and best of all affordable at $1.00 for two boxes of corn muffin mix from Aldi.  I also had a box of brownies I whipped up and we were ready to go.  If you're thinking of doing the same, here's a couple chili recipes (and sides to go with it).
"The Best Chili on Earth"
                                                                       Quinoa Chili                                                       White Chicken Chili

                                                 Cornbread from scratch                                                                Mac and Cheese

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