Tuesday, December 23, 2014

DIY Christmas Cars - Easy & Affordable

I didn't have a lot of time to get our cards out this year with us being gone the first 2 weeks of December.  But I bought these outfits after seeing an adorable family on Pinterest so it had to get done!  Thankfully - they turned out great, and for under $25 for 50 cards to boot!

Materials Needed:
Red card stock - enough for your cards at 2 per card
4 x 6 photos - if you have the time Costco is the least expensive usually, I used CVS and won't again since they messed up the first time
Blank tags
Gold ink
Return address labels (optional)
Spray glue

I started by printing off 4 x 6 squares in the center of 22 sheets of red card stock I purchased at Hobby Lobby for $0.29 each.  This made it easier to center the photographs I was attaching.  I also printed lines along the edges of the paper for where I would be making the cuts (my cards were 5 x 7).  This made using a paper cutter much quicker.

I then sprayed the back of each photo (got 50 prints at CVS for $5.50) with glue and attached it to the card in the printed rectangle.  Once those were all completed, I then began affixing the blank tags I got for $1 each using the same spray adhesive.  I centered those on the top right of our photo.  Last, I used my $2.75 Christmas stamp to stamp the words in gold ink (got it for $4.80 with a 40% coupon) onto the tag.  Once they were dry, they were ready to go in the envelopes for addressing and mailing.
I think they turned out cute, no?

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