Friday, November 21, 2014

Gone Girl and the Like Book Reviews

Anyone read Gone Girl?  Of course you have!  If you haven't seen the movie, I highly recommend it. Ben Affleck does a superb job and the little known actress who plays Amy is a little too good at the crazy.

If you loved the book the way I did, and were craving for the story to keep on, here's a few other titles that I enjoyed:

A dark thriller about a woman who's lost her memory, her journey to
getting it back, and the frightening secrets she discovers along the way.
Available here for $8.93
The story of a mother's grief over her daughter's suicide and her
determination to find out the truth.  With twists at every turn and
intricately developed characters, this book will keep you turning pages.
Available here for $12.30

Think "Sleeping with the Enemy" in modern day.  A woman's husband becomes
a true jekkyl/hyde and she flees, restarting her life.  Until, 4 years later, she gets
a chilling phone call.
Available here for $7.99

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