Friday, November 28, 2014

Dining Room Table Inspired by Sprintz

Since we've lived in our home for 2+ years and don't have any dining room furniture, my husband and I recently decided that needed to change.  We started shopping for tables online, and I found this gorgeous table on the Sprintz website (no price).  We visited the store and the salesman looked it up for me: whoops!  It was $7,000 for just the table.  At least I have good taste...

I remembered all the success I've had on the Buy Sell Trade groups and went back to the groups in search of a great table.  After a couple of communications on various options, I finally found a 100 year old solid mahogany table with 6 chairs.  The best part?  It was listed at $225.  The owner and I communicated on a time to meet, and the day I was planning to pick it up I had posted a few of my own items on the BST group.  She ended up wanting my chandelier so we got a discount of $40.  In the end, we paid $185 for a SOLID WOOD antique table.

I did find the chairs to be a bit small, so I am thinking of trading them out for the options below.  However, the piece is gorgeous, well kept, and such higher quality than the wood veneer now used in most pieces today.  Success!  I guess I'll be going back to her inquiring about the matching buffet she was debating selling...

                             Chair                                                                                               Banquette

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