Wednesday, September 24, 2014

High School Reunion: A Work in Progress

So for the past couple of weeks I have been working on my HS 10 year reunion (man do I feel old)!  I had so much fun working on the decor, trying to keep with our school colors and such.  Overall, our total budget was $7,035 for $172 people.  Most bought their tickets at $40 each (a couple at $55, thus the number prior), so with a limited budget I had to get creative.  The breakdown of expenses is below, followed by the decor I created for the event!

Total GuestsTotal Available
Dance Floor-$50.00

With all of this we got a BBQ feast from a local restaurant - Bound'ry, 2 drinks per person (we used tickets to monitor who got what), the venue, ipod hookup for music and a dance floor!  That didn't leave a whole lot for decor, but I think I did pretty well with what we had!

Most supplies were found from my high school days, or from the Dollar Tree.  I made the photo collages with photos from our yearbook, and added in a few colorful extras for fun.  Photo booth props came from my wedding (we did the Harlem Shake), as did the vases.  

I made these fun guys from vases I had (6x6 squares) and used burlap ribbon and satin blue ribbon (2 rolls for $4.99 each of the burlap, and 2 rolls for $2.99 each of the satin - I used coupons on some) and wrapped each vase, using hot glue to secure.  I wrote in gold paint pen I had around the center. The insides were blue crepe stuffing and assorted sunflower versions from Dollar Tree.  The berries were originally red but I spray painted them blue with Short-Kuts paint for $2.29 (don't use regular, I made that mistake and my berries got ruined).  I used about 4 cans to do all berries really well.  4 ribbon bows at the end completed the main table centerpieces.

These were even simpler!  I just picked up blue flowers (4 in each stem) for $0.99 each, and cut them to size.  I had the vases and stones already, so all I had to do was add a floating candle to each - $3.99 for 8 from Party City.

I also ordered various other decorations, you can see them on Friday's post of the finished project!

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