Friday, October 3, 2014

Baby Savings with Target Cartwheel!

I went to Target earlier this week with plans of purchasing some baby wipes that were on sale for $1 for 72 (cheaper than Costco, I verified).  I ended up totally scoring as they had a promotion at my local store for $20 off a purchase of $125!  That, combined with my Cartwheel App got me a ton of awesome deals!  See below to see what I got for $105 (pre-tax).

Diapers - on sale for $24.64 each + additional 5%  off with the app.  3 packs for $70.22.

2 Diaper Genie Refills $4.99 each

Baby lotion $4.29 
Baby wipes on sale for $1.00 x 15 +5% off with cartwheel.  Total $14.25 for 1,080 wipes.

Baby Food - $0.89 to $1.29 each + 5% off Cartwheel.  Purchased $27 worth of food.
I will admit I later figured out the Gerber glass jars are a better deal ($0.82 for 7 oz).

So all of this for $105 since I bought $125 and got an additional $20 off!  Not too shabby!  Happy Friday y'all and come back Monday for WRM with Burgundy Skinny Jeans!

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