Friday, October 31, 2014

DIY Edible Holiday Treats. Happy Halloween!

It's tough to run a business, especially when your husband wants to eat your merchandise!  Luckily, I usually have a few leftovers from projects like the one below he can nibble on =).

A friend of mine works in sales and recently asked me to come up with a campaign for her client drop-offs.  I immediately set to work to figure out some cute drops for customers and prospects. Below is what I came up with!

Witch Hats and Witch Brooms for customers they "witch" would come back to them

Spooky goblin lollipops sitting on cobwebs on candy corn for customers who's printer is "goblin" up toner

Candy corn in a mason jar cup with Halloween bat straws to thank customers for being "spooktacular"

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