Friday, September 12, 2014

DIY Fall Porch - Where to Buy

Wednesday's post showed this year's version for my front porch!  Now, here's where to find everything to do your own:
Basket: Purchased years ago but similar here for $17.49
Gords: $4.99 for 7 small or larger priced per lb in Kroger (varies by store)
Pumpkin: $3.49 each Aldi (in store)
Hay: $2.99
Left Photo: Urns $89.98 each
Leaves $1.00 each - need at least 8-10 on each side depending on urn sizeCurly Branches $12.99 each - Joann's (in stores)
Right Photo:
Pumpkin: $3.49 each Aldi (in store)Corn: $1.99 in Kroger (varies by store)

Rattan Pumpkins: Purchased years ago in Marshall's - found best price there as this style is usually expensive!  Similar here for left at $30 (has lights) and here for right at $26.95.  Definitely check Marshall's in store though.
Pumpkin: $3.49 each Aldi (in store)
Pumpkin: $3.49 each Aldi (in store)
Lanterns: $79 for set of 3
Timed Candles: 
$6.99 each TJ Maxx (in store)

Flower Storage Hanging Bag:
This is one I made, so instructions are below

I saw something similar a couple year's back to this bag so I decided to make my own version!  I purchased 1 yard of burlap fabric for $2.99.  I then cut the fabric into two pieces, each in a squarish "U" shape.  Matching them up facing inside out, I sewed the 2 sides and bottom on my sewing machine leaving the top open.  I then turned the bag back outwards and folded down the top.  Using a black sharpie and this stencil for $1.50 (on 50% off week) I formed the Welcome on the front.  I also used some extra burlap to make a small hook on the back for hanging.

Once the bag was hung, I just ran to the Dollar Tree to purchase a bunch of fall floral and stuffed it inside.  I used newspaper at the bottom to make the bag look full.  Overall, total project cost me about $20.  The great thing about holiday decor though is you can use it over an over each year!

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