Wednesday, September 3, 2014

DIY California Closet Install - Part 1

I have been wanting to do this for a long time and I finally convinced my husband.  So this past weekend, we redid our closet!

Step 1: Rip out the current hanging rods/shelves.  This was a mess because the builder installed cheap wire shelving using butterfly hooks, which are a nitemare to pull out of the wall.  Hence the photos below:
Tools needed for shelving removal
Pliers // Power Drill // Hammer
Step 2: Design your closet, taking measurements, and pick out the items at Home Depot.  For our closet we picked out the following:
- 6 15 Hole Shoe Cubbies $27 each 
- 1 25 Hole Shoe Cubby $45 (only recommended for flat shoes and flip flops)
- 2 Corner Units $80 each
- 1 Shelving Kit $107
- 2 Top Shelf Kits $24.30 each 
- 2 Drawer Kits $38.70 each 
- 2 Corner Rods $9 each
- 2 Closet Rods $17 each
- 2 Rod Sockets $5 each
- 1 Extra Small Closet Rod $5
- 1 Rod Socket $2.25

Make sure to bring in a coupon from Lowes and Home Depot will match their 10% off, which my prices reflect.  Total expenditure was just a little over $1,000.  Not bad considering California Closets is usually around $2-3k for a closet of our size!

I'll post the finished closet on Friday, so please come back to look =).  

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