Friday, August 8, 2014

Pottery Barn Fall Decor Knock Offs: Lust at PB vs Must at Kirkland's

I just found out from a friend Kirkland's produces their products at the same factory in China as Pottery Barn.  Score!  I knew that stuff looked familiar!  Thankfully I have been doing Kirkland's for PB inspiration for years - just now my enthusiasm has been validated.  Since it's almost Fall, I'm sure I'll be cruising through there for some fall decor soon.  Front porch decor anyone?

Some of my favorite pieces - found here:

Last, here's some ways to do this PB mantle from Kirkland's!
1. Garland (pre-lit) $39.99 // 2. Pumpkin Candle Holder $16.99 // 3. Mercury Glass Candle Holder $29.99 (set of 3) // 4. Mercury Glass Pumpkin $19.99 // 5. Hurricane (pre-lit) $19.99 // 6. Mercury Glass Pumpkin $24.99 // 7. Monogram Pumpkin $16.99 // 8. Votive $4.99 // 9. Ceramic Pumpkin $14.99 // 10. Rattan Pumpkin $5.99 // 11. Part of #3 set // 12, 13, 14. Ceramic Pumpkins $9.99 // 15. Orange Mercury Glass Pumpkin $24.99

Total mantle cost: $172 with current coupon code YOUPICK.  Remember, Kirkland's is always having sales so this stuff will likely get marked down even further!  Even at regular price, compared to PB which sells one garland for half the price of the total above, it's a total steal! 

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