Wednesday, August 13, 2014

DIY Ottoman from a Coffee Table

I have been wanting to do this for ages so I finally got my act together and transformed the coffee table into an ottoman.  I liked the stone on our table but for a bonus room where you want to kick up your feet (literally), it wasn't exactly comfortable!  So the past weekend I went shopping for supplies.

Materials required:
Plywood cut to size of table
Fabric (cut to about 2 feet longer on each side than the table)
Foam (cut about 2" longer on each side than the plywood)
Staple gun and staples

Since my table was slate to begin with, I had to add a piece of plywood on top to have something to staple (and drill) into for the fabric.  I picked up a large piece of 1/2 inch plywood from Home Depot and had it cut to the same size as my table (42x42) for $6.75.  I then went to Joanns and purchased some 2" foam, having it cut 1 2/3 yards for $41 with my 40% off coupon (a must!).  I also bought some fabric I thought would look nice on an ottoman and would match the walls I eventually plan on painting navy.  Thankfully it was on sale for $24.99 per yard and I only needed 2 yards (extra just in case and for buttons).  So for $50 more I was all set.  I was unable to find the fabric I purchased on their website but it should be available in stores and there are lots of similar ones here.

When I got home I was ready to get to work!  Since the plywood was already cut to size, it was easy to just lay it over the table and drill in each corner to secure.

Next, I cut the foam to size, letting a little hang off the edges so they were no longer sharp. They recommended using an electric cutter at Joann's but to be honest mine did just fine with regular old sewing scissors.  If you were cutting more a knife might work better.  I then laid the foam out on the wood.

Last step, and the most tricky, was laying out the fabric on top of the foam.  It has a tendency to want to stick to the foam so you have to make sure it's nice and smooth before stapling the sides.  I stretched it across and under the table edges and began stapling each side underneath so they wouldn't show.  

Once stapled under, I started on my tufting.  I measured 8 inches apart and alternated the next row 4 inches from the original.  I did later on realize that my staples weren't secure enough to hold the fabric in place so I went back and drilled 1.5" screws on top and that has secured them from popping out.  You must do the tufting after the fabric is secured underneath on all 4 sides to prevent wrinkles in your fabric.

My last step is going to be assembling buttons to cover the staples/screws where the fabric is tufted, however, I've had some trouble with the craft cover button kits ($4.79 with 40% off coupon + 20% off total purchase mobile coupon).  I think my fabric is too thick to get them to cover and stay.  I'll post the finished ottoman on Friday when I come up with a creative solution.  In the meantime, any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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