Friday, August 22, 2014

DIY Cupcake Flower Pot

I mentioned in a previous post my friend is getting married so when she sent me this photo saying it reminded her of me I had to offer to make something similar for her wedding!  The best part?  I had all the materials so it was totally free.

Materials required:
Bucket of some sort
Styrofoam ball that sits evenly in bucket
Hot glue gun & hot glue
Large toothpicks
Bucket $2.49 from Hobby Lobby on 50% off day (had it from a previous project), ribbon I had from an old gift and lace I also had.  All are hot glued onto the bucket.  The foam balls are available at Hobby Lobby for $3.49 (also already had one).

One quick note if you attempt this at home - definitely use mini cupcakes!  It was hard to get the regular size ones to stay on the ball during assembly.  

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