Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Abstract Art

I saw a similar post on Pinterest and decided to attempt this project for myself.

Materials required:
Canvas of desired size
Faux flowers (enough to cover at least 1/2 the canvas)
Champagne spray paint

I purchased a 36x36 canvas from Michael's for 50% off $59.99 and then used a 20% off entire purchase coupon so in total spent only $24!  Then I headed to Hobby Lobby with a budget of $76 for the rest of my supplies.  I needed a hot glue gun ($5.99 with 40% off coupon - in stores).  I also purchased a bunch of faux flowers that were either 50% off or on the clearance rack for a total of $32. Last, I picked up some champagne paint for $6.49.

I had some leftover paint from my kitchen project so first I decided to use a sponge and run paint in a circular motion to cover the entire canvas with gold paint.  

I started by laying out all the flowers on the board to make sure I liked how it looked.  I would recommend this because once you've glued down your flowers it's much more difficult to move them around and readjust if you don't like the overall aesthetic.  Once I figured out the layout, I took a photo and then took off all the flowers and set them in a pile on the side.  Hot glue is a little messy and I didn't want it running onto all the other flowers.  I kept the photo up to reference as I glued the flowers back on in sections.

I decided I wanted some more flowers after laying them all out to give the piece a little more dimension so I went back to Hobby Lobby and got more clearance flowers for $19.  The great thing about this is you don't have to get flowers that are in season or that even match because they'll all be the same color in the end!  I also picked up some more spray paint for $3.89 with a coupon.  I did all my spraying outside so I didn't mess anything up but the grass (which will grow out anyway) and let it dry overnite.  Final piece is now hanging in our entry hallway as my official first art piece!  I guess I should sign it :).

Total project cost was just under $100 because I did have to go back for 2 more spray paint cans (with 40% off coupon) from Hobby Lobby.  This project requires a lot of paint!

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