Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July Cookout

I love holidays, and of course any excuse to throw a party.  This year, to save money, we decided to do a potluck style.  We provided burgers and hotdogs, and I made a trifle and some fruit cones and everyone else brought the rest.  I still got a little crazy with some of the decor but let's face it, this is me!  Photos and dets below:
4th of July palette.  Palette from Home Depot - got for free because they didn't sell them!  I used some packing tape to paint the stripes (better if yours goes longways with the wood because then tape is not needed, but hey, beggars can't be choosers).  Paint I had already except for red from Walmart for $0.50.  So total project cost was less than $1.

Unfortunately I didn't get to use this cutie from last year because she broke in the attic, but still wanted to post!  All this entails is a foam wreath round, felt cut into small 1x1 squares and pushed into the foam, then star stickers and wire curlies added.  To get the curlies wrap jewelry wire around a pen or pencil.

Got these amazing free printables here.  The hats and other props are from Dollar Tree.  For all props I spent $7!

4th of July America signs $3 for all from Dollar Tree

Ribbons, lanterns and drop downs all from Dollar Tree.  Total expenditure $9.  

Ribbon for vases (previously used here) from Walmart for $1.  4th of July flowers from Michaels on sale 60% off + 15% off coupon so total for 6 was $16.30.  Frame I had from another wedding but the sign came from another free printable here.

Ice cream cones with fruit inside.  Red velvet cupcakes with M&Ms and pinwheels (brought by my cute mom).  Red white and blue condiments.  DO NOT do blue mustard, was a great idea in theory but the blue food coloring made everyone's tongues and teeth blue!

Tomato tarts from my MIL - will post recipe soon, they were delicious!  Red, white and blue cups from Dollar Tree for $3 total.  Plates, napkins and straws $1 each from Dollar Tree.

Adorable brownie cake brought by a friend.  Will post recipe soon!  Her 7 year old daughter helped :):):)

Trifle - I love trifles!  This one is so easy.  White 4th of July cake from Aldi.  Put in first layer of cake (works best if you use a smaller then medium size round cake pan) and place smaller round on bottom.  Spread cool whip (whipped cream is too light, cool whip works best) generously then add sliced strawberries.  Add 2nd larger round of cake and again cool whip.  Surround the edges with blueberries and then add strawberries to center.

Water bottle labels, another free printable here

Homemade(up) punch.  Sprite with frozen strawberries and blueberries added.  Can be spiked for extra effect :):)

Favors for all the guests were s'mores to take home.  Front of tag came from here, back I did myself

Host and hostess with the mostess (my husband and I)
Top from Target for $16.99 (in stores or another cute option here), skirt from Kohls $37.99

My little star and I.  His onesie is from Target (in stores) and he wore shoes (not pictured) also from Target here in stores for 50% off.  Lipstick from Mary Kay

Photobooth was a hit!

All in all a successful party for less than $150 including food!  I highly recommend 
Aldi for a lot of the items, their food is great and so affordable!

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