Wednesday, June 4, 2014

DIY Window Cornice Project

I loved the fabric I used on my chairs so much I decided to add some more character to my kitchen with a window cornice.  This is such an easy project and can be done on windows as well as would look great framing a bathroom shower curtain!

Materials required:
Plywood cut to size of window
Desired fabric (enough to cover all plywood
Staple gun & staples
Screws (16)
L brackets (4)

I first measured out the length of my window then headed to Home Depot.  I had them cut a 2 foot piece of plywood into three pieces - 2x6, 2x1 and 2x1.  The wood cost $27 total.  For the fabric, used the same as my kitchen chairs from Joann's - $23.99 per yard x 2.5 yards = $59.98.  
1/4" Plywood from Home Depot                                               

Initially I tried gluing together the end pieces to the main but they kept breaking apart.  I finally purchased some wood screws from Walmart for $1.97 and screwed the boards together.  I also picked up L brackets for $2.98 and some wall screws with anchors for $2.97.

From there, I measured my fabric around the cornice and staplegunned it around.  You can also use batting but I chose not to for this project.  Make sure to leave some room to screw in your L clips on the top and bottom of each side panel.  

I hung up the boards using the L brackets on the top and bottom.  Total project cost to coordinate with my chairs = $94.90.

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