Friday, June 20, 2014

Ooh La La Lashes

I am absolutely obsessed with Kim Kardashian's lashes.  Not that she has a bad mug to begin with but how gorgeous are those eyes!?!?!?   
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Reportedly Kim uses mink lash extensions but with a $350 initial price tag and $125 per fill (at every 3-4 weeks) that is out of the question for my small budget!  I also question the ethics of using animal fur lashes since I won't wear real fur either.   

Fret not though, there is a solution!  I do some beautiful semi-permanent lashes myself and I'm happy to share my secrets with you =)

Start with a clean face - see my vote for best products to get your face clean here.  Make sure your eyes are free of any oils or soaps and completely dry. Have your tools ready; here are the ones in my toolbox:
Ardell double individual lashes, medium $5.37

Ardell double individual lashes, long $3.99

Revlon Diamond Tweezers $9.99.  Diamonds not necessary but fun!

Begin by pouring a little bit of glue onto a small piece of paper (I use this so I don't get sticky glue on my sink or furniture).  Then pull off an individual lash bunch from the long section.  I find working from the outside in is easiest, so I generally apply about 6-8 long bunches and then 2 medium bunches for each eye.  If the glue gets in your eyes at all it can make them a bit blurry, so wait a few minutes before starting the second eye so you can make sure you see well enough to apply :).  The following videos demonstrate me doing a few lash applications.

Once done, enjoy your long luscious lashes for up to 3 weeks.  But please, DO NOT pull off the lashes, they will rip out your real ones (I know from personal experience).  Soak a cotton ball with individual lash remover and then let it sit on your lashes for a few minutes. This will dissolve the glue and allow you to remove the lashes without the pain!
Lash Remover $4.26

Total cost of the whole routine for a year $66.  Total cost of mink lashes and upkeep for a whole year: $2,500+.  I'll take my solution any day, wink wink!

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