Thursday, July 3, 2014

DIY Beverage Tub

So I figured everyone was sick of my posts about the shower so I took a break on Monday but wanted to also show my shower gift for Angela!  I saw this galvanized tub she'd registered for and thought it was cute but had some more potential.  I decided to "Gracify" the gift and add some personality. 
I found some ribbon from Hobby Lobby on sale for $1.99 per roll.  My friend and her fiance love University of Tennessee so I knew this was perfect.  I also had a white paint pen handy from some previous projects and decided to use it.  

Using my husband's drill, I drilled holes evenly spaced apart around the top section of the tub.  I then threaded the ribbon through alternating sides and tied each end together around the handles.  Last, after several failed first attempts to use a stencil, I finally decided to write in bubble dot letters "NEU" on the tub (my friend's new last name will be Neu).  Such a fun personalized gift, and inexpensive too - my total spend was $31!

If you would like to order one rather than DIY, you can buy them here with custom ribbon/name colors. 

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