Monday, May 5, 2014

Sailing Into A Nursery

While I was pregnant with my son Hudson, I spent a lot of time perusing the web to design his nursery.  I initially had my heart set on this room, but when I calculated the cost of wallpaper for an 11x13 room I had to find a different option.  
Home Bunch
I heard about Project Nursery from a friend and soon became hooked, poring over hundreds of boys nurseries until I finally found my inspiration: Maverick's Nautical Nursery.  I absolutely loved the wall stripes, soft blues and ships she'd used to create his haven.  However, as I often find, the most beautiful things are often the most expensive, so it was time to get creative.  I'll be posting my progress over the next couple of days on how I created my own version of the Nautical Nursery on a budget.

Maverick's Nautical Nursery

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