Friday, May 9, 2014

Inspired By...

I <3 Pottery Barn Kids - who doesn't?  The part I don't love: the price tag.  I immediately fell in love with the Harper Collection especially the bumper, curtains and crib skirt. Unfortunately, spending over $550 was not feasible. My solution?  DIY!  

I found some white panel curtains from Target that were wide enough for one to fit across the entire window.  I ended up cutting them in half and only had to use 2 for a total of $53.98 with a 10% off coupon.  Then, to customize them to mimic the Harper Curtains I bought 3 rolls of blue Offray Grosgrain Ribbon in 7/8 in and 3/8 in from Joanns.  With my 40% off coupons I spent $9.86.  I also bought a spool of Dual Duty All Purpose Thread for $1.67.  

Total spend: $65 versus $396.  My version and Pottery Barn's are shown below.

My Version

Next step was the bedding.  I again decided to imitate the Pottery Barn Kids bedding with my own more affordable version.  For the crib bumper, I ordered this Carters Super Soft Bumper (which lived up to its name - it is very soft!).  It came with white crib ties so I decided to customize it by replacing those with the same 3/8 ribbon I'd used for the curtains.  Because of the material, I was unable to add any stripes to the bumper itself but the end result still turned out adorable.  PB Harper Bumper Cost = $99.  My cost = $29.99.  
Pottery Barn Harper Bumper

My Version

Last was the crib skirt.  I intially ordered this one from Amazon but when I got it in the mail it was very sheer and not the quality I was looking for.  I was able to return it and in the end decided to purchase some white fabric from Joann's, cut and sew it to size, and then staple gun it underneath the crib.  I would recommend this approach because I was able to have the skirt hang from all 4 sides of the bed.  If your crib has solid side panels like mine you'll only be able to hang a regular crib skirt from the 2 longer sides.  I also added 1 more roll of the 3/8 and 7/8 ribbon to match the curtains.  In the end my total cost was $15.47 versus $59 with the PBK version.  

              My Version

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