Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Affordable Baby Furniture

I absolutely loved the furniture in the Nautical Nursery I mentioned previously, but it was pretty clear with a budget of $1,500 for Hudson's room I wouldn't be able to afford the fancier $400 and up cribs I was seeing at Pottery Barn Kids. My husband and I had a trip planned to Atlanta to see his brother and fiance, so while there, we decided to check out Ikea.

I loved their kids selection - if you haven't been into a store they have the whole room already designed and set up for great inspiration.  However I was a little disappointed in their selection for babies.  Despite the limitations, I was able to leave with a few great pieces to start the nursery:
SUNDVIK Crib $119

Tarva 5 Drawer Chest $99 and TARVA 3 drawer chest $79.99, planned as changing table

AGEN Children's Armchair $19.99 each

HENSVIK Cabinet with Shelves $69

I was also lucky enough to have a fabulous mother in law who purchased our final piece: the Kacy Chair from Babies R Us.  It comes in a cute gender neutral grey fabric that I have seen a lot of people use, but I wanted nautical so I had it ordered in custom navy fabric with white piping (photos to come).

So with my nursery almost fully furnished I'd only spent $407, less than a third of my budget!

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