Monday, May 12, 2014

Adding Personality with Lighting

After finishing up the linens and furniture for Hudson's nursery it was time to start adding in some personality with lighting accessories.  My total budget for the room was $1,500 and so far my total spend was $566.  I liked the light fixture in Maverick's Nautical Nursery but wanted something with a more nautical feel.  I consulted my BFF Pinterest and found the perfect captain's wheel dome light for the room on ATG Stores. For $112.50 with a 10% off coupon it was mine.

Nautical Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Next, I added some additional lighting with an oar lamp from Hobby Lobby $44 (available in stores).  I also found a few others I liked but didn't end up purchasing - also posted below.  The oar lamp ended up being a shower gift so it worked out perfectly and didn't cut into my budget!
Hobby Lobby Oar Lamp $44 

Nautical Table Lamp $134.50
Nautical Lifesaver Table Lamp $64.99

Another must is a nightlight.  In the middle of the night it helps to be able to go in your baby's room without waking them up by turning on the mail light!  I love the two I got - both as a gift so they were also free!
                                                                     Lighthouse Nightlight $14.75                           Sailboat Nightlight $29

With lighting completed my total spend was $112.50.  

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