Tuesday, May 13, 2014


With most of the larger items completed, I was finally on to my favorite part - accessories! I started with Hobby Lobby and picked up quite a few nautical gems.

Nautical Wood Box $6.49 (50% off)
Aluminum Nautical Hanging Bell $14.99 (50% off)  
Ship in Glass Bottle $6.49 (50% off) 
Once I'd picked up just about everything available at Hobby Lobby I started looking online for additional items.  I found a ship's wheel at ATG Stores and some boxes (I ended up returning because they were too small).  Total spend on the captain's wheel was $26.10 with a 10% off coupon code.
Wood Decorative Box Set $52
Wooden Ship Wheel Decor $29

A few days later I happened to be shopping for some craft supplies in Michael's and happened upon some perfect wicker baskets (available in store) for the nursery.  To add to my delight they were on sale B1G1 free!  With my 40% off coupon I got 4 baskets (3 large, 1 small) for a total of $39.98.  Score!  I had initially planned on breaking down and purchasing these from PBK and saved $147 from the $187 total I would have spent on baskets and liners!  

I also initially planned to hang a frame above the changing table, but my husband pointed out when Huson got older he might kick it and have it fall on him.  Solution?  Painting an anchor decal above the wall.  However, I am not the best artist so I looked for another option.  I found a navy anchor wall sticker on eBay for $24 that was perfect.  

Total accessories spend so far = $135

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