Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Accessories the Gracious Way

Still doing very well on my budget for Hudson's nursery I decided to add some more accessories.  However, some of them didn't exactly fit what I wanted for the room so I decided to make them work with some customization.  

First, decided to add some oars above Hudson's bed to balance the large space above the crib.  Oars are expensive so I consulted eBay for a great deal, and found a set of 48" walnut paddle oars for $34.99 with shipping.  Walnut wasn't what I was looking for so I sanded down the finish and them whitewashed them with the same paint I'd used on the furniture.  

To add some more personalization, I purchased some 9" wood letters from Craft Cuts in the Times New Roman font for $22 with a 10% coupon code by liking their Facebook Page. They came in a plain wood so I painted them navy with some Folk Art Craft Paint from Hobby Lobby for $0.69.  

I hung the oars with some $3 coat hooks from Walmart and stuck the letters to the wall with some command adhesives for $7.40.  Total project cost = $68.

Since I had so much fun on this project I decided to do a few others.  I loved the coat hooks in the Nautical Nursery but had a hard time finding any that were individual like I wanted. So again I went to eBay and found three brown anchor hooks for $27.33.  I used the wall paint and painted them a light blue.  Then I added some adorable boat shoes for $13 also found on eBay and hung them on the wall.
                                  Ebay Anchor Hooks                                                               Finished Product

My final DIY project was to develop a sailboat mobile.  Pottery Barn Kids had a cute version but $39 seemed a little steep.  I googled how to make a mobile and found a tutorial on the Handmade Home Blog.  I purchased a 10" wood embroidery hoop for $2.16 with a 40% coupon from Joann's.  I then tied some wooden sailboats I purchased and painted white. The boats were $2.95 for 5. To tie the boats to the hoop I used some leftover twine from another project and drilled small holes in the top.  Then with my leftover ribbon from the linens, I wrapped the embroidery hoop to cover the ties.  I hung the hoop from the ceiling and voila, a DIY mobile!

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